Futuris Welding Helmet Magnifier Cheater Lens Plastic 41/4"x2" Focal Power 1.25


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Lens Magnifier Plastic 41/4"x2" Focal Power 1.25
  • Fits inside most helmets to magnify the work area
  • Clip in to helmets with existing socket or affix in place
  • Various Magnifications available

Choose the magnification from the pull down list.
Standard 4 1/4" x 2" size only. (approx 4mm thick)Some helmets have a specific slot to insert the lens, others will retain the Mag lens with the plastic lens clip and some may need some adhesive / sticky pad to attach.Compatible with most screens including both standard dark glass and auto-darkening shields.Magnifies the work area for easier and more accurate welds.Helpful accessory that fits indide the welding helmet/shield/mask/hood.
(Cheater Plate, Mag Lens)Welding Helmet Magnifier Lens Plate

More Information
Brand Futuris
EAN 5055128809719
Size 1.25
Lead Time 1
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